It’s been said many times before…

January 6, 2006, 2:51 pm

So the great new Dell top has let me down. Not even a blue screen, just an endless loading screen and reboot. As I write things are not looking hopeful. The prognosis is bad. Into the valley of dispair I tread. Looks like nothing can be saved, the hard-drive is beyond saving, my data has left this world. Maybe we’ll meet again on judgement day. Judgement day when I’ll be reminded of my mortal sin: “you didn’t back your data up. Did you…” Forvever doomed. Six months of work (for that is how long it’s been since my last back-up) lost. Looking on the bright side, six weeks in plaster have come to end and I’m learning to walk again. My advice? When it is icy look where you place your feet. And back up your work tonight.

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