Vodaphone & Skype

Bad experience #1. Got a mail from Skype telling me that because I’ve not used their service for a while they are going to “expire” my credit.

Skype Credit expires 180 days after your last purchase or SkypeOut call. If you’re not using your balance we need to expire the credit sooner or later to comply with normal business accounting rules

Eh? I’ve topped up my account with money, what rules are these that confiscate it for not having made a skype call in a while?

Bad experience #2

So I want to visit Skype and see exactly how much I am going to loose, and take a good look at the rules. I’m using a vodaphone 3G card. I link to a skype URL and…


Eh? Skype is “restricted content”.

On what grounds is that I wonder.

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  1. Miles Barr · Wednesday, 1 November, 2006

    I imagine Skype is “restricted content” because Vodafone don’t want you making VOIP calls when you could be using your mobile instead.

    I know T-Mobile (in the UK at least) has released a data package that allows you to use VOIP.

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