Polly is a 1969 Split screen camper that has seen better days. Off the road since 1997, garaged for much of that time, now a home for spiders.

The bodywork is sad and sagging, the sills need replacing, the door skins are rotten and rust bubbles have popped up all over.

Underneath is alright- or rather was when it was last seen six years ago. It does move if pushed, but the engine hasn't ticked over for years.

All in all a sorry site waiting for restoration. But at what cost. Here are some photos....

Sitting in the garage gathering cobwebs


Rust around the windscreen seals - leaky leaky.


Rust on the roof.  Not quite a hole yet, but certainly thinning on top


Stopping the rust getting through has been tried...  but still the bubbles appear

A hole on the front panel, and as for the door skin...


The door skins are all rotton.  This one is the left loading door.


Panels popping out on the side


Can you see what it is?