Postcards from Ghana

Everything But God 10/11/97

Night watchmen continue to give me grief. In the UK it's not a problem. Get Chubb to fit an alarm system. Here, where labour is cheap (almost £1.50/night) people power is the preferred option. (Alarms mind you don't fall asleep.)

Because it is such a horrible job, and no-one should work a 7 days a week, I gave my (useless) night watchman Sundays off. His 'brother' agreed to work it for him. (Everyone has a brother here, "yes, but is he your _real_ brother?")

Last night the brother didn't turn up so I had to find a replacement.... if there is work to do, (and the Obruni is paying) you will always find someone. So I found a replacement, but unfortunately the dogs took an instant dislike to him, Everything-But-God went and bit him. At least I know I've got good guard dogs. And more on the way, Everything-But-God gave birth to puppies a few weeks ago, 4 of them will soon be given away, and we shall keep the little black one. Who has been named 'God-In-All-Things'. The wife of Stephen (my cook) chose the name. She's a bit religious. Wakes me up every morning at the crack of dawn singing her hymns. Which wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't tone deaf. I don't know what is worse, her or the chickens and gunieafowl that provide the 'dawn chorus' outside my window in Wenchi.