There’s a leak in our pipework

Grrrrrr.  Drip drip drip.  Water dripping through the kitchen ceiling.  So I rush upstairs, pull back the carpet, rip up the floorboards and hunt the leaking pipe.  …to no avail.  I locate a stream of warm water, trouble is it’s not coming from a pipe, it’s pouring down the inside of a partition wall and there’s not a pipe around.  So the only way to find it will be to knock out the wall and hope there’s a pipe somewhere behind.  Quick call to the insurance company – I’m covered for the search and find, but not the plumbing.  Grrrr.  If this house was software it would be a pizza house.  Everything is so tightly connected, you can’t just pull something out – it’ll pull allsorts out with it.  Better start again.   But in software you don’t have insurance for the mistakes that some  foolish previous owner made.

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