It’s a girl!

And so at 11.50am on Thursday 25th May Lindsey gave birth to our brand new daughter. A bit of a surprise, we all thought it would be a boy – but that was a relief to Lindsey, we wouldn’t have to discuss the finer points of my preferred choice of boy’s name – Ozymandias. Instead we have a healthy girl, weighing in at the imperial 7lbs and 7oz. And her name? Sadly it is not to be Orphelia (my choice again) but Olivia Ita McNeill. India is delighted with her new younger sister, and Lindsey and I wonder if we will ever know sleep again. Oh, photos (can’t upload them on wordpress so on flickr):-

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  1. claus · Tuesday, 6 June, 2006

    very nice, not sure Id have taken the 3min old pic but heh… ha 6 months and well be in the same boat, then we can come to you for experience

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