Office 2007 beta – pleasure & pain

Downloaded the beta version of Office 2007 – I’d been assured you can run it alongside Office 2003. First impressions are good – PowerPoint gets infinitely better, you can make presentations that don’t look a thing like PowerPoint. They gone back to basics with Word; the whole styles and formatting thing was just getting stupid. Now it is intention driven and pretty simple to use. If you are going to replace the whole UI of probably the worlds most used software application you need to make sure you do it right. I think they have succeeded. Excel looks pretty good as well, but didn’t spend much time with it because…


So I no can no longer access outlook. Something to do with .dll files. A visit to some of the forums (or is it fora?) does not reveal a solution. So I am left with no other option but to uninstall both the beta and my existing version of Office. A return to Lotus Notes for my mail (grrrrrr) and a sour taste in my mouth. ho hum.


  1. F.Meyer · Monday, 3 July, 2006

    I’ve get some trouble with office 2007, but I don’t uninstalled the software, I get a office 2003 repair, so the outlook back to work without data damage!

  2. Scott M. Stolz · Sunday, 13 August, 2006

    When I installed Office 2007 Beta 2, it told me during the install that I could not have Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 on the same machine, and I would have to uninstall Outlook 2003 if I wanted Outlook 2007. Maybe they added that after you downloaded the install?

    But, basically, Office 2007 will run alongside Office 2003… except for Outlook.

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