Collaborative drawing

I am a true beleiver of the power of drawing. I get itchy feet in meetings when people are just talking about concepts. I get an urge to jump up to the whiteboard and try and illustrate what we are talking about. When we are distributed this can be a little harder. There is no whiteboard on a conference call… This doesn’t have to be the case. Here is an awesome collaborative drawing tool that has great potential to develop and share ideas in illustration. Next step is to get a pen to replace drawing by mouse and make my sketches actually look like what my hand is drawing.

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  1. Jeff · Monday, 23 October, 2006

    Hey I saw a way better drawing site:

    You don’t have a big “GE Intro” it’s just a big piece of paper on the web where everyone can go and draw.

    It’s pretty fun 🙂


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