If you give me something, don’t make me work to use it

My Nokia N80 came with a bunch of software including Nokia PC suite and Lifeblog. the former is for syncing up the phone with the PC, whilst Lifeblog looks after all the photos I take on the phone. Now you’d of thought that two peices of software on the same CD from the same supplier, packaged with their phone would be compatible with each other. Think again! I’ve got PC suite open and I try to upload photos from the phone using Lifeblog. And I get the below message…


I get a message asking me to restart my computer and try again (which won’t rectify the problem because PC suite loads in the system tray). Sorry Nokia. Poor customer experience. You’ve given me a couple of cool peices of software, but haven’t bothered to ensure they are compatible. Or maybe you did but it was a bug that was discovered too late. Now what if they’d been thinking in terms of behaviour driven design:

Given: I have PC suite and Lifeblog open at the same time

When: I choose to upload photos using Lifeblog

Then: the photos will upload and appear in the Timeline view

Or is that too obvious?

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