Chinese whispers in IT projects

Hello. I’m a developer. I’m going to build your product. I do what the BA tells me.
Hello. I’m a business analyst. I’m going to articulate requirements for the developer. I listen to the product owner.
Hello. I’m the product owner. I’m responsible for what goes in it. I’m going to tell the BA what it should do. I listen to the sales Manager to find out what features the product needs.
Hello. I’m the Sales Manager. I know what features my customer wants, I listen to them.

Hello. I’m Head of Procurement. I’m responsible for selecting the product. I tell the Sales Manager in the product company what we want. I know what we want because I listen to the Division Managers.
Hello. I’m the Division Manager. I want a product that does %%&***£$%£ to drive my sales. Give me a product that does that.

Hello. My name is Sally. I use the product. You know, the thing I really like about it is $%$£$$£^. And here’s a list of what I really hate. Give me a bit of $££%£$”£ and I’d be so much more productive. But noone listens to me.

Hello, I write this blog. I’m an interaction designer. I’ve just sat with Sally for the morning and seen what she’s done. And you know what – we’re getting this wrong. What she really needs is ########. That would really add value.  And it’s is far simpler, quicker and cheaper to deliver than what your guys were proposing.

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  1. Josh · Wednesday, 11 October, 2006

    I love it. Really well done. So what do we do to get this whole IxD thing accepted?

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