Cack-handed speed boat

A colleague did Luke Hohnann’ s speedboat exercise last night.  The way she drew it looked a little different to the way I draw it.

Picture a speed boat.  Now attach some anchors that are holding it back.  Which direction is the boat heading?

The boat is on the left, (travelling from right to left) and the anchor is on the right?

You are right handed.  For us special people, the left handed amoungst us, we draw the boat on the right and the anchort on the left.  That’s because we think quicker and better at performing complicated jobs.

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  1. Claus · Tuesday, 2 January, 2007

    …. you lefties are so special, that although you may ‘think quicker and better at performing complicated jobs’ than us right-handed folk, your god-given skills of typing do not add to your ever so-great preception of yourselves. How do you spell anchort?
    Maybe you should concentrate on the basics before you take us on? 🙂

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