Storyboarding with comics

Storyboarding is a really powerful way of communicating how a tool will work. The Sun design team have put together some cartoons that can be used for presenting storyboards; for example taking a bunch of wireframes and using the cartoons to tell the story through them. The cartoons are in powerpoint here. I’m looking forward to using these, to ditching the dry persona description and annotations and replacing them with a more compelling cartoon journey…

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    […] 전, 필자가 RSS 서비스를 통해 꾸준히 모니터링 하고 있는 DancingMango에 Storyboarding with comics라는 글이 올라왔다. 선마이크로시스템즈 사 디자인 팀의 Martin Hardee라는 […]

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