Is your IT department like the NHS?

Can Gerry Robinson Fix The NHS? has been compelling TV viewing the last few nights. The thing that really comes across is the lethargy and the inablility to take responsibility to get things done. The two messages that resonate with me are listen to people on the ground and “just do it”. CEOs may chuckle at such incompetence in the public sector but how often are these issues manifest in the corporate world, and in IT organisations in particular. IT is full of reasons why not:

“You may be able to do xyz in Ruby on Rails, and it may only take you two weeks to complete (compared to the six month project we’d take to do it) but we just don’t (and won’t) support anything that’s not on our architecture roadmap…”

“You can’t do abc until we’ve completed our infrastructure refresh project.”

And how often is interviewing / listening to end users on an IT project plan?

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