Missing planes

Reminder to get to the airport on the the right date.  flight is post-midnight

After a month living out of a suitcase, circumnavigating the globe I’m homeward bound. I’m flying with Oasis… going to be interesting how the words “budget” and “longhaul” reconcile with each other. So far the experience is promising, a nice touch with their e-ticket (the date which I have subsequently changed). The plane flies at 00:50. BA fly back from Hong Kong a little earlier; on their e-ticket they don’t make it clear that the flight is a post-midnight one. Last time I did this trip I arrived at the airport on the Sunday night beleiving my flight was late on Sunday. Only it was a few minutes after midnight… on the Monday morning. I’d missed my flight by 24 hours. An easy, and expensive mistake to make. Oasis have gone out of their way to help me not make this mistake.


  1. Harish Mallipeddi · Friday, 15 June, 2007

    lol…I’m always afraid I would do the same mistake too. I double-check, triple-check!

  2. jenny · Monday, 18 June, 2007

    I’ve had to fly back via oasis last December after missing my flight with Air New Zealand (though not because of the seemingly misleading flight information), and the experience had been OK. I was fearing for the worse when they started to dish out the in-flight dinner but surprisingly it had been one of few in-flight meals that I could eat without feeling like I want to throw up — it was the dim sum selection by the way… 🙂 The flight time is sucky, though, just hope they will change it soon.

  3. dancingmango » Let common sense prevail · Friday, 25 July, 2008

    […] And that was it.  No friendly warning, so close to doing this again. […]

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