Is there anything wrong with my attachment to Saffron?

A funny thing happened today. We’ve had up on the wall our personas – boards showing the key users of the site we are developing; their photos and mood imagary visually describing them. These were stuck on top of earlier, crude descriptions of the personas with their names the same but different photographs and less detail.  A seperate workshop was held in another room and the boards were taken down for it, leaving the earlier versions behind.

Suddenly our key user who we are calling Saffron had gone. Her photograph had changed. Her “type” was the same, but her personification was different…

I was kinda attatched to the old Saffron. Who is this imposter?

In a while the boards will be put back up again and my Saffron will return…

Now whilst I am a keen advocate of personas to bring a user type to life, clearly there is a danger of getting overly attached to that persona, and that feels like a smell.

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