HP – Rude and impolite

This makes me mad. I’ve got a HP all-in-one printer, scanner copier. All I want it for is to print and scan. On the Mac the printer is plug and play so no messing about with drivers for that. I just need a driver for the scanner. So I insert the disc and find myself having to download 18 applications weighing in at 55 meg. No option to just install the scanning application – I’ve got to take the whole lot, picture editing, the works. Now that is rude, it is impolite [pdf] and it is selfish. If Mr Hewlett and Packard invited me to dinner I would come alone. I wouldn’t bring my family, extended family and assorted hangers on. So why do they think they can gate crash my computer like this.


  1. ms.pebble · Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

    you make a good point, especially with the dinner part.however, if you could not possibly eat without your kids, you would have to bring them along too.and so it might be with some old (yet wonderful) appln when they show coupling issues.

    no, i dont work in HP, a day of my life per week, just absorbing the troubles of the world..

  2. matt m · Tuesday, 3 June, 2008

    That software is awful. My all-in-one crashes (the printer crashes!) whenever I plug in my iPod to a computer on the network not directly connected to the printer, but connected via their network scanner driver.

    Just be thankful you’re on the Mac- I would love a 55MB install. Mine is almost 500MB.


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