A new page

This blog was getting tired in its design so I’ve given it an overhaul, including introducing some widgets.  (What an awesome piece of software WordPress is).  I’ve also added a new page with a bunch of published papers.  some classics in there (if I do say so myself) such as “Heat stress in night clubs” and “Occupational disorders in Ghanaian Subsistence farmers” !!.  The rest of the dancingmango site was not built using wordpress, so to update it all in one go would be time consuming and of little value.  OK, so there is inconsistency across the site and as a UI guy that hurts, but it is one of the trade-offs that needs to be made.


  1. redsquare · Tuesday, 4 November, 2008

    Much improved

  2. Josh E. · Wednesday, 5 November, 2008

    Lookin’ good! One thing: can you post a link to your twitter page near the “Last Twitter” section? It would have made my life one click simpler. 🙂

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