Agile experience design video

Doesn’t time fly! It’s been seven months since I last blogged. Since then I’ve moved on, living in a world of car insurance and credit cards. I’ve got loads of ideas for new blog posts brewing, but just no time to get them down. Writing the book took a lot of of me last year!

Anyway, until I write something fresh, here’s a video of me waxing lyrical about agile experience design at the excellent Scan Agile conference in Helsinki earlier this year.


  1. Michelle Pace · Saturday, 26 May, 2012

    Hello Marc, thank-you very much for posting your talk. Unfortunately the camera did not capture your slides very effectively. Would it be possible for you to please make your slides available so that I can flick through them whilst listening to your talk?

  2. Conor Neill · Wednesday, 10 October, 2012

    Awesome to see the Marc I remember from old Accenture days has lost none of his passion in sharing customer experience design!

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