Blue is the colour. The website isn’t the game.

So I may support Chelsea on the pitch, but on their website? Oh dear me. It’s as though they got someone who has just learnt flash to build it – to use as many flash animations as possible. And any website designer that incorporates a link on their splash page (why oh why a splash page) that says “check out the site demo” and a first message “learn how to navigate through” needs to be questioned. Learn how to navigate a web site? Oh please!

The nature of football fans is their brand loyalty, but to give them something that visibly takes time to load (page loading status bar), requires instructions to learn how to use, and doesn’t make things easy – support me achieve my goals – is frankly insulting.

Oh, and they’ve got a text only version (the CFC Flash website isn’t going to win awards for accesibility so one can only presume this is the only reason it is provided) but the splashpage requires JavaScript to load up, so no JS and no website, regardless of any text-only goodness that may be there. So not an accesible website then.
Meanwhile the community stuff that supporters care about (beyond the news and match reports, it’s probably going to be the most sticky content) is a seperate site that looks like it was built in the early days of the web. I mean, who uses frames anymore.

Sorry Chels, poor show. Your league status doesn’t extend to your on-line prescence.


  1. Claus · Sunday, 14 January, 2007

    I diagree with you, but then I am a mere plebian user, and not a developer of such sites. In my humble opinion it is a distinct difference to every other Football club website that I have had the misfortune to see, which is the message Chelsea are looking to portray – Follow Chelsea as we are not only the best football team in England/Europe, but also the most forward thinking in our approach in attracting supporters….However there inlies the problem. With Senior Management’s desire to build the most popular/well known succesful club in the world, they seem to be paying scant regard to the most promising, and clearly successful, manager there is. Will the team not managed by Mourinho be able to follow in these footsteps, and keep up with the club’s global direction? Maybe..maybe not? But what happens if it’s the latter.. No going back if it all falls apart. Morale, get your own house in order before taking over the world, otherwise we’ll do a Leeds. Anyway — Kiss 100 on radio playing tunes.. gotta go! Njoi

  2. marc · Monday, 15 January, 2007

    …And Claus, as a mere plebian user, it is supposed to be easy. They can be distinct and different to everyone else without resorting to flash-hell and the need to teach the plebs how to use it.

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