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My latest post resulted in a comment accusing me (in jest I am sure) of being a usability nutter.  The comment was a fair one.  But it raises a couple of questions about blogging;

1.  Should I edit the offending blog in the light of the comment?  Probably  not.  I’ve responded to the comment and I’ll leave it at that.

2.  More fundamentally, how should one blog?  I tend to bash out a stream of consciousness, usually using notepad on the train to work.  I then upload it and post it.  I’ve not yet put a spell-checker on WordPress so often publish with typos.  I rarely  proof read (beyond a cursory glance) what I’ve written.  I contrast this with other bloggers who refine what they write and only publish when they are really happy with the article.  Personally, I like the urgency of blogging, just getting stuff out.  And if every now and then I get stuff wrong, I’ll be humbled and move on.
(BTW, I’m not a usability nutter:) )

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  1. Gino · Tuesday, 20 February, 2007

    Mate, blog for yerself, bugger the rest. Do what you need to do for yourself.

  2. Carlos Villela · Tuesday, 20 February, 2007

    As the author of said comment, I’m sorry if it caused a bit of a stir, and I don’t think there’s absolutely anything to change with your writing style (in fact, I quite enjoy reading your blog, otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting!)

    The ‘usability nutter’ bit was just a little joke (hence emoticon at the end), and there’s no reason to take it too seriously. It’s OK to love what you do, and if it makes you sound a bit mad eventually, that can only mean you probably doing it right! 😉

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