Sounds like a case for agile

..CIOs will be expected to become more and more strategic, delivering greater productivity gains while at the same time ruthlessly cutting costs. There will be a heightened debate about the role of IT in the enterprise. (ComputerWorld)

OK, so we can either spend months writing documents before a line of code is written. Do some application development then manually test what we’ve built and fix the bugs before eventually going live (late and over budget and not to the customers satisfaction).

Alternatively we could get more strategic and focus upon what value we can deliver in the shortest period of time. We could better align IT with the enterprise by delivering early and often, enabling us to test and learn from the enterprise as we go. We could adopt a more ‘just in time’ approach to requirements (whilst starting with a clearly defined vision from the outset). We could build testing into the development to lessen the bugs at the end, we could do automated testing (to ruthlessly cut manual testing costs). Downturn sounds like a case for agile.


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